6/27: Philanthropy, The "New Philanthropy" and The Industry Editorial: Philanthropy's Impact on the School Improvement Industry (I): Context; Perspective: Returns Next Week; RFP of the Week: Atlanta High School Transformation
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6/20: Entrepreneurial Firms or Textbook Publishers? Editorial: Entrepreneurial Firms,Textbook Publishers and Our Future: Frontline Stories; Perspective: C. Blohm on Interview Etiquette; RFP of the Week: Pre-K R&D Funding
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6/12: Do Pearson's Purchases Signal the End of Our Industry's Entrepreneurial Era? Editorial: Entrepreneurial Firms or Textbook Publishers: Who Will Write Our Next Chapter?; Perspective: EIA's Steve Pines On Lessons Learned from their First Legislative Campaign; RFP of the Week: Join a University-District Math/Science Collaboration.
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6/6: Why School District Size Matters to School Improvement Providers Editorial: Industry Interests and Opportunities in Resizing School Districts; Perspective - Education Capital's Bill Bavin Presents a New Market Map; School Improvement Markets Reports' "RFP of the Week" : Training Arizona Teachers to Train Volunteer Reading and Math Tutors
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