6/27 SIIW The Podcast Teachers k-12 Investment Fund (II), News Highlights, NEKIA on Knowledge Management
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6/20 SIIW - The Podacst What if the Teachers Unions Bought the School Improvement Industry?, Highlights of the Week, Most Useful Comment on Scholastic Reading, CoSN Compares Open Source to Proprietary Software Costs
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6/12 SIIW The Podcast SII Weekly's Editorial Approach, Highlights of June 12 Issue, Winner of k12programs.com Best Educator Comment (ipod won every week), Perspective on Selling to School Districts.
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6/6 SIIW  The Podcast AYP Regulation and Adaptive Management PLUS Steve Pines on the Education Industry Association. Visit us at www.siiwonline.com and our sister blog www.k12programs.com/blog - a free service with educator reviews of 150+ school improvement industry providers. We give an ipod mini each week for the best program review by a teacher. Sign on! School Improvement Industry Weekly now just $25/year. Emailed for Monday Morning. Everything Hotlinked to its source. www.siiwonline.com
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